Prosonix Is An Independent Event Production Company That Offers Excellent And
Unique Services Across Diverse Range Of Events


• Large Parties • Musical Tours, Concerts, Festivals • Theatrical Productions • Corporate Focused Events • Public Events And Permanent Sales And Installations.


• On Budget • Fast Delivery • 24×7 Hrs Support Line • Quality Service • Finance • Professional Expertise


• Event Production • Concert Production • Festival Productions • Corporate Meetings • Theatrical Production


• Audio Visual Hire • Live Sound Performance Audio Systems • Line Arrays & Point Source Speakers • Subwoofers • PA Systems, Column Speakers • Digital Mixers & Processors • Wired And Wireless Microphones • Optical Fiber And Networks


• Studio • Theatres • Nightclubs • Hotels • Stadium • Halls • Schools And Other Educational Institutes

We Provide Excellent Service
You Enjoy a Long-Lasting Production Experience

Our renowned approach to production ensures that every event produced exceeds our client’s expectations and leaves a positive impression on every individual present. We cater to every technical requirement including sound productions, stage lighting, audiovisual solutions, staging, and others to create a more impactful event for our clients and their audience.


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“When we talk to music, it
doesn’t sound like a teacher
speaking in front of a class.“

— Jerinx


Prosonix offers a comprehensive catalog of audio, lighting, and video equipment for hire. Over the years, our clients have been able to access massive inventories of systems and equipment to bring about the success of all of their production endeavors.

We deliver round the clock, you can contact us today for any combination of technical gears you need from a high catalog of audio, video, lighting, power generators, staging, and other types of equipment. Our state-of-the-art gears are always in good condition and well maintained to suits all your specifications and production demands. Needless to say, we deliver on time and ensure that all gears arrive at the right destinations on time.

  • Live sound performance audio systems
  • Line arrays & point source speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • PA systems, column speakers
  • Digital mixers & processors
  • Wired and wireless microphones
  • Optical fiber and networks

Live sound performance audio systems

Line arrays & point source speakers


PA systems, column speakers

Digital mixers & processors

Wired and Wireless microphones

Optical fiber and networks


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