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Prosonix Belgium situated in Brussels offers various range of professional, skillful, and flawless strategy in the delivering of efficient and highly satisfactory event production services as well as the permanent sales and fix installations of state of the art lighting, sound, and video production appliances across Belgium and around the part of France, Netherlands, Germany, and Luxemburg.

Prosonix was found in 2006 as a result of the need to create a distinct event management company that will provide a more unique and creative approach to every event production. Since its inception, Prosonix has been able to achieve the following standards and qualities:

• Prosonix has been a part and development of event management productions ranging from audio production to scene lighting and video productions.

• We have been able to introduce new technologies and unique method of production that sets us apart from others organizations.

• We have been consistent in the production of amazing audio, video and stage management for our valued clients across the world

• We are known to offer the best of product for permanent sales and fix installations

Our teams are professional experts of many years’ experience, guard with renowned skill sets, experience in many different production spheres and of incredible personalities. When it comes to the production of experiential concerts, corporate events, sporting events, trade show, large parties and many more, Prosonix is known to ensure the success of every event.

At Prosonix, we provide our wealth of experience with a wide variety of quality event production and management for our clients, including the provision of state of the art technical appliances to aid the success of all event and projects. In addition, our professional teams of experts take the time to adequately execute every step of the project correctly in other to bring out a desired result.

Our Commitment

At Prosonix, the commitment to clients’ satisfaction is our most important business objective. We identify and respond to new opportunities as well as strive to excel in each project by helping our clients to achieve their event production goals by:

• The provision of best and latest light types, audiovisual appliances and other global setup combinations

• Permanent sales of efficient fixed installations with custom made touch screen interface that makes it easy for customers to master and control all of the system.

• Overall creation of impactful event that will leave a lasting impression on all. 

Your events and installations are as important to us at Prosonix, employing the best event production company and our professional strategies can get you the outstanding result you are looking for. We only deliver superior services that comfortably meet your schedule and budget. We will also stay in touch with our clients from the first consultation until the eventual completion of the project.

Finding the right team for forthcoming project has been made easy. Employing our professional team to manage your technical production project as well as our state of the art sound, lighting and video production appliances will ensure the ultimate success of your project.

Prosonix ensures that projects are complete efficiently and smoothly right from the consultation stage to eventual execution of the project.

Our Mission

Our desire is to be the most admired for efficiency, creativity and premium quality services. We work hard every day in fulfilling our primary aim, which is to inspire, grow and project our integrity as well as integrating unique techniques to help our clients achieve their event production and commercial installations. It is widely known that professional audio production, proper light management and live broadcast video are of great importance in delivering messages in corporate events as well as the success of any friendly get together.

Our Promise

  1. On Budget: we offer a competitive and clear pricing strategy as our prices are pocket friendly. When we provide you with pricing for your project, we will never bill you more than our estimate nor require for surprise fees in-between or after the work execution.
  1. Fast Delivery: Enjoy our premium cheap packages from consultation to execution in no time at all. Our teams are always online to meet up with all your requirements, show up at the scheduled time with our client and complete the job within the promised allocated time without causing any setbacks or inconveniences to our clients.
  1. 24hrs support line: To facilitate a smooth communication experience and provide for an end-to-end contact between our clients and our professional team of experts. You can contact us at any time of the day for inquiries and to discuss your project specifications.
  1. Quality Service: We engage only the highest quality equipment for your event production, rentals, and permanent sales or fix installations. Our technicians are always on the ground to execute the work properly. Thus, the best possible job result is achieved. Our working environment is always clean and friendly.
  1. Finance: All payment is made easy by our finance service. Therefore, either you are buying a sound system or audiovisual materials, be rest assured that all appliances will get to your location without having to pay a large amount at the beginning.
  1. Professional Expertise: Our professional teams of experts are of many years’ experience in the field and have acquired renowned production technicalities and certifications which enable them to deliver easily the best possible management and production services at affordable rates to meet all our client’s expectations. Be guaranteed that you are hiring the best hands and brain in all areas of event production or management, such as:

• Sound-Engineers
• Light technicians
• Event Project manager
• Stagehands
• Electricians
• Logistics
• Acoustic expert
• Information technology
• Audiovisual technicians
• Cameraman
• Live production specialist
• Multi-camera operator

Hundred percent Successes guaranteed!

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